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Call Us Today!
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Welcome to Penny’s Playground!

Penny’s Playground is a licensed child care provider serving families throughout the Greater Plainville and Southington communities with child care and after-school programs. We have multiple programs at our facility to accommodate all types of families and all ages of children. Since every family’s schedule is different, we maintain extended operating hours for early drop-offs and late pickups. We’re here to provide you with quality child care and your children with a safe learning environment.
Our Philosophy
Penny’s Playground's principal commitment, philosophy and policy is to protect the children placed in our care. This center is an advocate for the child’s best interest. We believe it’s vital to offer as many experiences as possible to develop a child in every aspect of their young lives. At Penny’s Playground, we’ll provide children with a superior quality and developmental program, challenging them in a positive manner. The program not only teaches academic skills but also works on their ability to work with others or alone, and develop their creativity, manners and self-esteem in a fun, energetic atmosphere. This center has a very strong family belief. We pride ourselves on our open door policy and assistance to parents in the development of each child. This healthy environment will encourage not only a child’s growth but also the families' and teachers’ as one unified unit.
Our Mission
At Penny’s Playground, it’s our mission to challenge each child to love and respect themselves and those around them as equals. To instill each day in them love, compassion and positive energy is important for their personal growth and development. We want to communicate to children the excitement of growing socially, emotionally, personally and intellectually into highly motivated, respected individuals.
General Information
It’s important to ensure your child is comfortable within our center. We want your child to take time to explore their new environment, meet the teachers and the other children prior to their first day. Once we receive the $25 registration fee, you’ll receive the necessary forms for enrollment. The start date and one-hour orientation date will then be determined. All enrollment forms (especially the physical signed from the pediatrician) and fees (security deposit and first week's tuition if it wasn’t included with the registration fee), are to be handed in at this visit, ensuring a smooth transition into the program. The director or assistant will conduct final visits with parents to review the forms and answer any questions or concerns. In regards to the contract, please note a full-time slot is no longer than 10 hours per day and for those in school, it’s no longer than five hours when schools in session. When you set your contract times, we’re ensuring teachers are on site to maintain state-regulated ratios. Arriving prior to morning drop-off time or after evening pick-up hours creates ratio issues and if/when it occurs, you will be charged as stated in the Arrival/Departure section of the enrollment form. Please note: Your child will be accepted in our program on a two-week probationary period as stated in the Probation and Termination section.
All employees of Penny’s Playground have signed a confidentiality form ensuring your child’s information is safely maintained. We request you label all of your child's items with first name and last initial to assist with this. Also, any documentation that contains personal information should be given directly to office personal.
Parent Involvement
We encourage positive family participation in the numerous activities at the center. At parent meetings, held 3-4 times per year, we come together to discuss child developmental issues and/or environmental changes, plan events, fund-raisers and more. These meetings are a time to meet with other families to assist with forming a stronger bond between home and our center. It’s a relaxed social time, which assists in educating parents about the environment they’ve chosen to educate and care for their child/children, as well as a time for them to contribute more to center activities and other decisions. To ensure all families are aware of the events at the center and in the community, notes/flyers are posted on the main bulletin board. We encourage all families to sign up for events (i.e., picnics, holiday gatherings, etc.), which assists with getting to know more about the program and our community.
About the Director

Since 1987 I have had the pleasure of working with children in a variety of programs throughout New England.  Upon graduating from Plainville High School, I began college at the University of Maine at Farmington.  As I worked my way through college I began to realize how many of the programs were the same, the children were safe yet there was just something missing.  At this point I knew that upon graduation (May 1993) I wanted to open my own center, creating a program that would meet the needs of the children, their families and the staff.
In July of 1993 I opened a home daycare licensed for nine children, which within six months I was at capacity and talks for opening a center began.  Then in August of 1994 Penny’s Playground of Learning was opened with twenty children enrolled and a license capacity for 62 children.  Since then we have expanded to include an infant/toddler, pre-school, school readiness and school age groups raising the capacity to 92 children.
The new millennium marked two special occasions.  In May I graduated from the University of New England with my Masters in Education.  After 1-½ years it was an amazing feeling to complete all the classes and receive my degree.  Soon after graduating the papers were signed to begin construction of Penny’s Playground of Discovery, my second licensed facility for 72 children. Then in 2012 I became a mom to a beautiful little girl! Balancing motherhood and two centers led us to close the NAEYC accredited Milldale location in 2014. This led to many new opportunities within the Plainville community and the beginning of our School Readiness Program.
As you talk to anyone you will learn that I am totally and completely for the development of young children.  I have a very strong commitment to creating a highly motivating, stimulating, educational loving environment for the children, their families and the staff.  This program was created for the well-being of the children in our community, to enrich their lives and create the desire to learn and take the learning process to the highest level possible.  My teaching philosophy is simple.  Children learn and accept more in a fun and energetic environment.  Each day we must challenge the children in an exciting manner to learn a new task, which will better prepare them for the future.  We must love and respect each child as an individual, and instill these beliefs into each of them.   
To say it plain and simple this center was created for the children, to assist them in creating a strong foundation which leads them to endless possibilities in their futures.  
Accomplishments and Organization Affiliations
  • 1998 - Ms. Penny becomes a Qualified Food Operator (QFO), which allows the center to provide snacks & lunch to the children daily. With the Assistant Director also becoming a QFO a year later in 1999.
  • 2004 - Penny’s Playground of Discovery earns National recognition for achieving accreditation by the National Association for the Education of Young children, which was maintained until the facility closed in 2014.
  • 2005 - Penny’s Playground of Learning earns National recognition for achieving accreditation by the National Association for the Education of Young children, which is valid until 2018.
  • 1994 to present – Community Involvement   - assisting United Way in various manners, collecting school supplies, sponsoring families in need, Annual ‘Toys for Tots’ Holiday toy drive,  donations/gifts throughout the year to local care facilities/rehabs for the elderly/ill as well as decorations &/or cards.
  • National Association for the Education of Young Children – Member since 1992
  • CT Association for the Association of Young Children – Member since 1996
  • ECPE Consortium – Member
  • CT After School Network – Member since 2011
  • Plainville School Readiness Council – Member since 2014
3 Main Social Skills
  1. BODY LANGUAGE: This relates not only to the children but also to their families and your co-workers.  Do not assume you know what they are thinking or feeling.  Try to assist them with the situation and be sure you have all the details to do this.  It is important to access the entire situation and look at each individual in the situation.  Talk to them about it to help them to understand you, themselves and each other better.
  2. MANNERS:  We must take it beyond the “please and thank-you” to a much higher level.  There needs to be real meaning and understanding behind their words to ensure the words spoken are believable.
  3. RESPECT:  A common respect is important for us all to have and incorporate.  The class must respect each other as individuals, respect others belongings and respect the classroom and its rules.
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