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Call Us Today!
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Infant Through After School

Child Care

Caring for children as young as 6 weeks old up to 12 years old!
Open year round Monday-Friday, 6:30 a.m.-6 p.m.

Infant and toddler care

Caring for infants from 6 weeks old, we specialize in a loving, nurturing environment in which parents feel safe with leaving their baby. Our caring staff plays and interacts with your baby throughout its waking hours as if he or she were their own.
Consistency among infant and toddler staff enables your child to form healthy and secure attachments during his or her early years of development.
We promote all levels of infant and toddler development - language, motor skills and, of course, time cuddling and talking to your child.
We provide a healthy, stimulating environment to promote your child's social, emotional, physical and cognitive development.


Transition from toddler to pre-school classrooms are guided and gradual to meet each individual child’s needs. Our certified teachers are highly trained to provide any of the following services for your child:
  • Computer Learning
  • CPR and First Aid
  • Medication Administration
  • Hot Lunches and Snacks Provided Each Day
  • Special Event and Concert Organization

After-school Program

Families have different work schedules, so we provide extended operating hours for early drop-offs and late pickups. 
  • Computer Learning
  • CPR and First Aid
  • Medication Administration
  • Snacks Provided Each Day
  • Special Event and Concert Organization
To inquire about our after-school programs, please contact us today.

Information for All Ages

School–Age – 5-12 years old
The School-Age children intermingle within the Nursery school room, which has been created to instill independence & creativity in a loving fun manner.  There are particular games, electronics and other materials accessible for these older children to utilize throughout their time with us before and after school. Whether it’s free play in the room or time on the playground we want them to relax and have some fun before going to school or going home to do their homework. They are encouraged to read at least 20 minutes a day independently or aloud to a group of younger children. When school is released early or not in session we incorporate special projects/activities that encourage team building skills and challenge their creative side as well as their coordination and communication skills.

Nursery School and School Readiness - 3-6 years old
This environment has been created to instill independence, confidence and creativity in a loving, fun manner which educates and challenges each individual within the group.  Each child has their own cubby, which is labeled with their name and their picture as well as having a named mailbox to store all their precious work (& center handouts).  Children also have individual portfolios and other aspects that assist with showing their growth throughout the school year.  Their portfolio is filled with artwork, which is regularly selected by both your child and the teachers as well as evaluations the teachers and children complete throughout each month showing their interests, accomplishments and goals.
The openness of the two areas within the room allows the children to explore in small or large groups of friends or to find a quite spot to chat &/or look at books.  Materials within the room are labeled with words & picture to assist the children with word association. Throughout the daily schedule the children have free play, small group centers, large group activities, circle times that include stories, songs and group chats, outside time (weather depending), group snacks/lunch and group games.  A variety of activities and interactions that assist in their growth and development as individuals as they have fun and explore in our class environment daily with each other.

Toddlers/Two’s – 18 months to 3 years old
Toddlers love to state their independence and frequently throughout the day are asking adults ‘why’ about most everything that’s occurring around them.  The teachers at Penny’s Playground are here to answer the ‘why’ as they create a fun and energetic environment, which challenges each child within the group.  Daily teachers incorporate activities that utilize a child’s gross & fine motor skills, their creativity, their imagination and more through free play, art, math, science and dramatic play activities. Children are encouraged to utilize their words to express themselves freely & politely as they explore the world we’ve created around them.

At this time teachers will be working to assist your child to become an independent, creative, caring individual as they begin to prepare them to transition into Nursery School or the  School Readiness environment (at age 3).  The children are engaging in more large and small group activities for longer time spans and encouraged to share their thoughts and ideas throughout the day as they interact. Teachers will be working on potty/hygiene skills, communication skills, self-help tasks and fostering greater confidence in their own skills and abilities as individuals within a group.  
Infants - 9-18 months
At this stage each day they’re becoming more mobile and soon the crawler is pulling themselves up to take their first few steps. Then watch out world because their feet just can’t seem to move as fast as they want them to and many extra little falls are occurring as until their balance and coordination begins to improve. Teachers will be working with the infants on learning how to safely explore the environment and activities prepared for them. We’ll be working on communication skills and positive interactions with their peers. The children will be kept occupied and challenged through free exploration and a variety of planned activities as they continue to develop into unique, loving, creative and amazing individuals.

The environment has been created to challenge and interest the variety of developmental levels of the children within this group.  For example while with their group the teacher may be encouraging an 18 month old to build their own tower with the soft blocks while they build a tower for the 10 month over to knock over for them. Daily there are aspects that assist with challenging each child to their next level of development in a safe, loving, fun manner within a group environment.
Infants - 6 weeks–9 months
The infant area is created relating to the ages and stages of the children enrolled at the time.  From bouncy seats to swings to euro-saucers to climbing/walking toys we alter items as needed to provide the most floor space within the area for their growth and development. We want to ensure that there’s the most space available for the youngest group for learning to roll, sit up, crawl and begin to pull themselves up to walk.  Activities incorporated during their day include but are not limited to story time, songs, exercise time and fine & gross motor activities to assist them in their development.
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